The value of coatings for medical devices


Developments in medical technology require the use of medical devices. However, these medical devices can be the source of infections acquired in health care settings such as hospitals.

What is a medical device?

A medical device is any instrument, apparatus, equipment, material or other, intended by the manufacturer to be used in humans to:

– diagnose, prevent, control, treat or alleviate a disease

– diagnose, control, treat, alleviate or compensate for an injury or disability

– study, replace or modify the anatomy or a physiological process

Healthcare-associated infections, a major issue?

Although implantable devices are essential in the treatment of some diseases, the introduction of material into a patient sets the stage for potential microbial colonization and infection. Microbial biofilms develop on the surface of medical devices and act as reservoirs and entrances for bacteria.

These healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) have significant economic, social and individual quality of life impacts in Europe and worldwide. HAIs affect hundreds of millions of people worldwide and represent a major problem for patient safety.

Percentage of patients admitted to short-stay facilities who contract a HCAI, in healthcare facilities in developed and developing countries:

In developed countries, 5% to 15% of patients admitted to short-stay facilities develop an HAI.

This risk of infection is 2 to 20 times higher in developing countries.

The value of coatings for medical devices

The prevention of biofilm formation is a global challenge in the medical field, especially for implants. After surgery, it is necessary to protect the implant from bacterial growth. Medical device coatings help considerably in the fight against infection.

SPARTHA Medical’s patented nanoscale/microscale coatings have antiviral, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties while preventing bacterial resistance. We develop customized coatings that reduce implant-related complications. 

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