Medical Devices

We develop the optimal coatings for our customers thanks to our experience in biomaterials research and bioengineering. Our breakthrough technology allows us to improve the integration of implants, reduce post-implant complications (infectious risks), optimise implant placement on at-risk patients and consequently reduce additional costs caused by nosocomial diseases. 

SPARTHA Medical’s innovative technology, which was primarily developed for implants, can be applied to a wide range of medical devices (implants, bandages, surgical materials, etc..). 


We help medical device manufacturers to increase their competitiveness and revenues by integrating the best antimicrobial / antiviral / anti-inflammatory properties into their products.

10,00 $
of cases are related to hospital acquired (nosocomial) infections.
50- %
of cases are related to hospital acquired (nosocomial) infections.
5- 0 %
of surgical implant cases, patients suffer from post-surgical bacterial infections. ​

Personalising medical device interfaces: reducing implant complications with modular coatings and immunoprofiling

Personalised medicine is currently playing a major role in reducing complications following an operation involving a medical device. There are several million implantations per year, which drastically increases the number of complications, including nosocomial diseases. Personalised medicine can play a role in solving these problems and can be illustrated in different ways such as the positioning of implants using 3D technology.


Solutions from an immunological point of view are still underdeveloped. SPARTHA Medical offers solutions following pre-implantation and post-implantation diagnostics based on immunoprofiling. Indeed, these technologies can improve the results of implantations by significantly reducing complications.


The concern with implant-associated infections is that bacteria colonise the surface of the implants themselves, forming resistant biofilms. We offer complete coating solutions for all orthopaedic surgery equipment.

Our solution

- Reduction of complications - Better integration of implants - Reduction of health care costs

Our coatings are also intended for dental implants and more widely effective on all types of geometry. Implants replace missing teeth by inserting a titanium « screw » that will weld to the bone and act as an artificial root. 

Dental implants come in different shapes and sizes to suit the needs and pathology of each patient. However, any medical procedure, no matter how well conducted, carries a risk of complications and side effects: 

Patented and ingenious coating for medical device surface functionalisation and wound management. Can be applied to any surface. Bacteria cannot develop resistance against this coating. 

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