Newcomers in the team SPARTHA Medical

The #TeamSpartha is growing!

In order to pursue SPARTHA Medical’s vision to grow and be a key player in the healthcare industry, we are pleased to announce the arrival of new employees who proudly represent these values through their work positions.

From left to right, Baptiste Letellier, PhD in Neuroscience from the University of Strasbourg who holds the position of Project Manager.

Next to him, Lucie Lieu, who has just joined our team as an Apprentice Biotechnology Engineer. She alternates between her theoretical courses in Paris and her position in SPARTHA Medical.

Jane Yijie Li, a PhD candidate in mechanical engineering who has come all the way from New York, and finally, Ribsimé Mesropian, who has joined the #TeamSpartha as a communication & marketing apprentice.

The reason why team spirit is so important to SPARTHA Medical comes from the reference of the Spartans who, in order to prosper, relied on their standing army.

We warmly welcome all of them !

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