Development of coatings using artificial intelligence: a world premiere.

A collaboration between SPARTHA Medical, Preste and INSERM has resulted in publication of a pioneering paper in their areas of expertise in the journal Scientific Reports.

Data from the scientific literature regarding the construction of coatings formed by polymer multilayers were collected and compared with data generated in the laboratory. This method allows to obtain coating formulations with relevant and functional properties, to reduce experimental costs and to accelerate responses in crisis situations.

Artificial intelligence was used to predict coating thickness based on different polymer application parameters. We believe that artificial intelligence is promising for predicting future characteristics of polymer-based coatings, from the thickness to antibacterial and antiviral properties. With more data, it will be possible to make even more accurate predictions. 

We are very pleased to have contributed to the publication of this research article, which paves the way for further work and may lead to the development of new innovative products.
Dr.Nihal Engin Vrana
President & co-founder

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