BIOFACE Project wins RHU for Oncology Facial Reconstruction

As part of France 2030, the BIOFACE project, led by Professor Agnès Dupret-Bories in Toulouse, is the winner of the Health 2023 call for projects for university hospital research (RHU). BIOFACE has been awarded funding of up to €4.395m (wave 6). This project proposes a major transformation of surgical procedures for facial reconstruction in oncology, through the use of protect|ION, a handheld technology for the application of antimicrobial membranes, and its future iterations.

The main aim of this project is to improve the quality of life of patients with head and neck cancer who subsequently need bone reconstruction.




patients are affected each year in France.

The involvement of protect|ION technology in the BIOFACE project

protect|ION stems from SPARTHA Medical, it is an innovative handheld medical device at the forefront of infection prevention. Developed in response to urgent health and public health challenges, including hospital-acquired infections, wound healing complications and the growing threat of antibiotic resistance, protect|ION is set to play a significant role in the BIOFACE project.

This advanced technology promises to fundamentally improve surgical procedures, including facial reconstruction in oncology, marking a significant advance in healthcare.

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