New review

Drug discovery and toxicology is a complex process that involves considerable basic research and pre-clinical evaluation. These rely heavily on animal testing, which often fails to predict the results of human trials due to species differences. Coupled with ethical concerns about animal testing, this leads to a strong demand for improved in vitro cell culture platforms. 

Imitation of basement membranes on organs-on-a-chip

Current research efforts in this regard, however, face the challenge of providing physiologically relevant in vitro human organ models for reliable assessment of the body’s physiological responses to drug compounds and toxins. 

The latest development in in vitro cell culture models, organs-on-a-chip (OOC), aims to introduce more realistic models of organ function.

At SPARTHA Medical, we aim to test our solutions in advanced, physiologically relevant in vitro systems to determine the optimal conditions of application.
Nihal Engin Vrana
CEO, Co-founder
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